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A list of publications and websites (there are loads!) that have published Renaissance music and ukulele tabs, or have just inspired me, or I have found useful. 

In this blog I try to credit all my sources; if I have failed to do so, please let me know.


Mizen, T.  2011. From lute to uke. Milwaukee: Hal Leonard.
A wonderful book showing tabs and notation for Renaissance lute music from Britain, France, Spain and Germany. Written for uke with re-entrant tuning. It was modifying these arrangements for the low-G lute that sent me back to the originals - hence this site. 

Nelson, MK. 2006. Learn to play fingerstyle solos for 'ukulele. Pacific: Mel Bay.

Excellent range of music from Hawaiian (of course), to Danny Boy, to Bach. Also, a few nicely-harmonised Renaissance pieces.

Sarek, O. 2010. Classics for Ukulele. Pacific: Mel Bay.

All good stuff: Monteverdi, Tchaikovsky, Greig etc. Unfortunately, the setter put the string lines in the tabs too close together, so it can be difficult to read the fingerings in the chords.

Michael Walker
Since starting this blog, I have been made aware of Michael's many publications for baritone ukulele and Renaissance guitar. They should mostly be playable on all ukes.  Just put his name in Amazon or Abebooks, and browse.

Ukulele websites
A lovely collection of arrangements for low- and high-G ukuleles, by Michael Parmenter. I have had great fun playing them. This is where I heard about TablEdit.
Loads of arrangements for a range of instruments, including the low-G ukulele.
A forum I have recently joined. Interesting chat and an archive of tabs, or links thereto. A must.

Valéry Sauvage
The incredibly productive UkeVal (see below) has kindly sent me these links to his great list of tabs:

A selection of the most useful sites etc, selected by a professional teacher. Should save you a lot of searching.

Got a ukulele
An exhaustive site. Reviews of instruments, books & brands; chords & tabs; tuition; lists of uke clubs; etc, etc.

Large resource of words & chords for most types of music for ukulele players. Very well catalogues and indexed. Mostly in French (with English subtitles), but perfectly accessible. See his museum page for a good laugh.

Ukulele chords by Ukebuddy
There are many chord finders on the web. This is the best designed that I have found, and accommodates the F Bb D G tuning I like to use on my tenor. Also: scales, arpeggios, scales and cord namer.

Early music sources
Fantastic resource of lute tabs - there must be thousands of pieces here that would take me several lifetimes to transcribe and play. A one-stop shop.

Early music Online

Facsimilies of c 10000 pieces by Le Roy etc etc.

Listen to the music

The youtube page of the remarkable lutenist Valéry Sauvage who plays the uke too! There are hundreds of great uke solos here.

Nigel North. John Dowland: Complete lute music. Naxos, 4 CD box set.
A brilliant lutenist. I listen to these tracks, and pick the least demanding ones to translate from the lute transcriptions on Sarge Gerbode's site (see above). It is fascinating to listen to North's own variations - lots of fast runs (= divisions, or twiddly bits).

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